[chirp_users] Baofeng UV-5R MK4

ken smith
Mon Jan 11 19:32:41 PST 2021

I have successfully been able to use Chirp to upload .csv files etc. All
communications between the software and radio seem to work. However, when
manually loading HAM repeater information, the upload info seems to not
take correctly. For example, I used the software to put in a 2m frequency,
no tone, “-“ offset at 0.60 and low transmit power. After the upload, the
radio shows the correct frequency and memory name but that’s it. The
transmit power shows Medium (which isn’t even an option in the software)
and also shows both “+” and “-“ on the radio screen. When keying the mike,
it shows CT as if there is a tone being transmitted. Something is not
syncing right but I am not getting any error messages. Any help here is
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