[chirp_users] Programing Cable Drivers

Stephen Hersey
Wed May 31 08:56:21 PDT 2023

Cool! I didn't know about that feature; I'll be using it myself. Thanks!

On Wed, May 31, 2023 at 11:34 AM Dan Smith via chirp_users <
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> > The Windows Device Manager (you may need to open the Control Panel and
> search for that item) will give you a handy list of COM ports. Bring up
> Device Manager, note the COM ports listed, plug the cable in, refresh the
> DM display if needed, and you should see it, either under COM ports or as a
> change in the list of USB items.
> This only works for Windows, and can be confusing if you aren't familiar
> with device-manager or have lots of ports.
> CHIRP-next has a function for this built in now. In the download box,
> choose the "Help Me" option in the port drop-down and it will guide you
> through this procedure from right inside chirp. Works on all platforms and
> will pre-select the port for you if it is able to determine the right one.
> I recommend people use (and suggest this procedure to newbies) instead of
> the device-manager one unless there's a specific reason otherwise.
> --Dan
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