[chirp_users] Programing Cable Drivers

Dan Smith
Wed May 31 08:32:41 PDT 2023

> The Windows Device Manager (you may need to open the Control Panel and search for that item) will give you a handy list of COM ports. Bring up Device Manager, note the COM ports listed, plug the cable in, refresh the DM display if needed, and you should see it, either under COM ports or as a change in the list of USB items.

This only works for Windows, and can be confusing if you aren't familiar with device-manager or have lots of ports.

CHIRP-next has a function for this built in now. In the download box, choose the "Help Me" option in the port drop-down and it will guide you through this procedure from right inside chirp. Works on all platforms and will pre-select the port for you if it is able to determine the right one. I recommend people use (and suggest this procedure to newbies) instead of the device-manager one unless there's a specific reason otherwise.


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