[chirp_users] IC-7100 programming

Dan Smith
Thu Feb 16 14:42:36 PST 2023

> Sorry for the delay, Dan. I have used Chirp-next on the IC-7100 a few 
> times now. I havnt seen any abnormal behaviour so afaic its a tick in 
> the working box for the Icom IC-7100.

Excellent, thanks I'll get it marked off.

> I had a silly idea the other day, 
> while the IC-7100 cannot be programmed in the normal way, the SD card 
> can. How about something to write the data to the SD card for loading 
> into the 7100 ?. I did say a 'silly idea'

It's not silly, and we support that for other Icom radios with SD cards. However, someone will need to decode the raw memory format of the 7100 in order to support that in order to do it, which is non-trivial. If you get a chance, file a feature request and attach an export from the SD card as well as the matching chirp CSV from talking to the radio. That might be enough for someone to get started.



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