[chirp_users] Chirp installation under Ubuntu error messages

Rich NE1EE
Wed Feb 8 04:02:24 PST 2023

On 2023-01-14 17:44:-0800, you wrote:
>> Silly me again Dan, sorry to have bothered you.
>No worries, I was wondering where you got that old tarball until I realized it was the oldest build dir. We can blame Rich NE1EE for *forcing* me to reverse the sort in that directory. Just kidding Rich, it was the right call :)
>So you're good now?

I skim all the posts from CHIRP, looking for keywords that suggest the post might be of interest. For *nix posts, it is usually a few seconds, then hit delete. I havta admit that I focussed on "Rich NE1EE" , them promptly found "blame" on the double-take...but it took 3 passes to understand Dan's humorous post! I am quite the jokester, so I appreciated the heart hiccup and the smile this brought to me during my morning skim of ham-related emails. Thanks for all the hard work, CHIRP crew!

72/73 de Rich NE1EE
The Dusty Key
On the banks of the Piscataqua

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