[chirp_users] Setting CTCSS or Tone Codes

John Elliott
Tue Jan 5 15:54:40 PST 2021

I have completed these settings on my HAM radios just fine.  On the two
GMRS-V1 and the GMRS 50X1 radios that I have, I was informed by those who
have done it, to set the "Tone Mode" to "TSQL", the "Tone" to 141.3
(example), the "ToneSql" to 141.3, and the "Cross Mode" to "Tone->Tone."

The issue is, whenever I do this, the "Tone Mode" switches from "TSQL" now
to "Cross" and the "Tone" is removed along with the "Tone->Tone".

Can anyone tell me am I setting this up incorrectly?  When uploading it
with only the "Tone Mode" to "TSQL" and only the "ToneSql" tone number,
leaving the "Cross Mode" blank, the radios will not open the repeaters.


*Thanks, John KF7MUE*

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