[chirp_users] Chirp no work - on Windows, try Linux if possible

Pat Anderson
Wed Jan 6 07:50:35 PST 2021


 +2 on what Mark says about using LInux instead of Windows with CHIRP. I
use a Chromebook with Ubuntu Linux installed as my daily driver, but you
can run Linux on any system.. Linux has a bit of a learning curve but
getting CHIRP installed and using it in Linux is as simple as following
some recipes. Don't be afraid of the terminal, for installation you will
just use it for copy and paste from the CHIRP website:

Ubuntu package via PPA

This is super quick and easy if you're running a reasonably new version of
Ubuntu. Simply run the following in a terminal:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:dansmith/chirp-snapshots
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install chirp-daily

Once it is installed, you start CHIRP from the application menu of the
desktop, not unlike Windows. To keep CHIRP updated, you just need to run
the "install" command in the terminal as above, no need to uninstall the
prior version.;;pp-p

The big advantage is that there are no drivers to install, which is the
bain of Windows (and Mac as well), since the communications drivers are
built into the Linux OS.  Also, Linux is not fussy about the cable, which
is another issue with Windows. Linux works fine with the "counterfeit"
Chinese cables. The drivers appear in the /dev directory as tty devices
named ttyUSB0, ttyUSB1, etc., when you plug the cable in, and these show up
in the CHIRP dialog. You need to add yourself to the "dialout" group, which
you can learn how to do with a quick Google search (with Linux, Google is
your friend).

Your choice of course if you want to go on fighting Windows!

On Tue, Jan 5, 2021 at 5:25 PM Mark Dixon <mdixon at dixemail.com> wrote:

> Hi Billy
> I find that I can only get Chirp to work with my BaoFeng UV-5REs when I
> do it with Linux. I get the same as you when I use Windows. It might be
> the cable (I use the one I got when I bought the UV5REs), or it might be
> the software, but if you can get access to a Linux you should be okay
> even with a basic after-market cable.
> Kind regards, Mark Dixon, VK6EZ.
> On 6/01/2021 2:06 am, Billy Joe Higginbotham Jr via chirp_users wrote:
> > I can’t get my radio to link with my computer. I have the uv-5r and run
> Windows 7 on my computer. I keep get the message (An error has occurred
> could not open port [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified.)
> It like the Chirp can’t see my radio.
> >
> > Sent from Billy’s IPhone
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