[chirp_users] CHIRP Doesn't Work

Jim MacKenzie
Mon May 25 13:28:29 PDT 2020

Usually when I see this, it's a Windows machine and a cheap Chinese data cable with a Prolific chipset that requires jumping through hoops to work.

These cheap cables work perfectly on Linux.  (I'm not sure if they're a problem on OS X/Mac.)

Make sure you're getting a COM port assignment for your data cable.  If you're not, and you have a friend with a Linux computer (or you're willing to boot yours with a live distribution, which won't affect your existing Windows installation), you can test that the cable works on Linux and gets a ttyUSBx identifier.


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>> … Just to be clear, I have tried every Baofeng model currently listed in 
>> CHIRP and can't get it to work. 

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