[chirp_users] Grumpy old man.

Roger Hill
Fri May 8 08:59:34 PDT 2020

Peter, Michael: I concur with you both.

What I don't understand with the current move to produce a 'flatpack' 
version of chirp, is why the effort is not being expended to migrate 
chirp to version 3 of Python. Python version 2 is end of life. Period.

It's a bit like saying we have a DOS program written back in 1985 (or 
whenever), and we don't want to modernize it. My Python skills are not 
good enough to do it, but I would have thought that moving to version 3 
was a better long term strategy.

My 2 cents.

Roger Hill

On 2020-05-08 11:51, Peter wrote:
> Totally agree, thanks Michael.  There are politics surrounding closed
> vs. open source that we should try not to ignore here.
> In my case the only reason my daily driver runs Windows 10 is that I
> have family members doing the same and "free IT services" to provide as
> a result.  It's just easier if I stick to the same page as them when
> describing over the phone how to fix things...
> But no antipathy towards any platform, whatever "gets 'er done" also
> works for me.
> (My lawn is basically brown at this point anyway...)
> On 5/8/2020 7:58 AM, Michael Downey N2UN wrote:
>> As hams, I have never understood why there seems to be such widespread
>> hostility (or even apathy) toward Linux-based operating systems. Our
>> technical legacy is in making our own gear, tinkering, tweaking,
>> adjusting, and "hacking" solutions to technical problems. Linux-based
>> operating systems are the only ones whose software licenses fully
>> allow such activities. As such, we should be champions of its use.
>> With more and more digital modes becoming frequent and predominant, we
>> should work hard to ensure there is more software with free and open
>> source licenses like CHIRP, and more support of free and open source
>> operating systems based on Linux to run them. As much as we work to
>> protect our right to experiment with radio hardware, we should also be
>> working to promote our right to the same experimentation and
>> exploration with software.
>> Even if folks don't realize it, Linux runs critical things in every 
>> part of your life. 99% of the Internet runs on Linux. Airplanes, 
>> public transportation systems, military & defense systems, your home 
>> WiFi router, even things like cars and appliances are more and more 
>> relying on Linux behind the scenes to ensure they work correctly.
>> Although my current HT's are not supported by CHIRP and I'm not a 
>> developer to be able to get them to that point, I am incredibly 
>> grateful for those working on full Linux support. Thank you! :-)
>> 73,
>> Michael Downey N2UN
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