[chirp_users] Grumpy old man.

Fri May 8 08:51:06 PDT 2020

Totally agree, thanks Michael.  There are politics surrounding closed 
vs. open source that we should try not to ignore here.

In my case the only reason my daily driver runs Windows 10 is that I 
have family members doing the same and "free IT services" to provide as 
a result.  It's just easier if I stick to the same page as them when 
describing over the phone how to fix things...

But no antipathy towards any platform, whatever "gets 'er done" also 
works for me.

(My lawn is basically brown at this point anyway...)

On 5/8/2020 7:58 AM, Michael Downey N2UN wrote:
> As hams, I have never understood why there seems to be such widespread 
> hostility (or even apathy) toward Linux-based operating systems. Our 
> technical legacy is in making our own gear, tinkering, tweaking, 
> adjusting, and "hacking" solutions to technical problems. Linux-based 
> operating systems are the only ones whose software licenses fully 
> allow such activities. As such, we should be champions of its use. 
> With more and more digital modes becoming frequent and predominant, we 
> should work hard to ensure there is more software with free and open 
> source licenses like CHIRP, and more support of free and open source 
> operating systems based on Linux to run them. As much as we work to 
> protect our right to experiment with radio hardware, we should also be 
> working to promote our right to the same experimentation and 
> exploration with software.
> Even if folks don't realize it, Linux runs critical things in every part of your life. 99% of the Internet runs on Linux. Airplanes, public transportation systems, military & defense systems, your home WiFi router, even things like cars and appliances are more and more relying on Linux behind the scenes to ensure they work correctly.
> Although my current HT's are not supported by CHIRP and I'm not a developer to be able to get them to that point, I am incredibly grateful for those working on full Linux support. Thank you! :-)
> 73,
> Michael Downey N2UN

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