[chirp_users] chirp flatpak (In need of a few brave souls)

goldstar611 at hotmail.com
Fri May 1 19:08:29 PDT 2020


I did a live boot with Ubuntu 20.04, apt installed flatpak, added the runtime and installed your flatpak file. Success! 
I had Chirp running on Ubuntu 20.04 in under 10 minutes! 
And I was able to download and upload to several of the older Baofeng 888 radios and a Radioddity GA-2S (same driver in chirp).

Some notes on your current flatpak:
- Chirp needs network access for the online repeater database and to check for updates
- Chirp complains (when launched from the console) that 2 drivers need python-future package

I did some more modifications to my flatpak file and here's what I found:
- pygtk fails to compile with gnome Sdk version 3.36 but compiles on 3.26. gnome Sdk 3.30 is unsupported for some reason.
  - I'll look into how to get things working on a newer version
- I have no idea where to find a "list" of available versions but did find the upstream repository on gitlab 
  - https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-build-meta
- Removed all the pip related stuff
- Added python-future
- Nolan's repo has a lot of stuff mine is missing.
  - Like a desktop shortcut



On Fri, 2020-05-01 at 20:24 -0500, Richard Shaw wrote:
> Well thanks to the help and pointers here I was able to navigate the truly atrocious documentation for flatpaks and was able to create a bundle. I need a few brave souls to test:
> https://hobbes1069.fedorapeople.org/chirp-20200430.flatpak
> I put the version in the name, so be careful, if I update it it, you could install more than one version. I still have yet to learn how you update flatpak packages. 
> I went through and did a "cleanup" of a lot of files we don't actually need. The original version was ~140MB... 
> It should be practical to get it listed on flathub. The archives are called "daily" but really it's whenever something significant has been committed and the date is the version.
> Let me know if it works fine or needs some fixes.
> Thanks,
> Richard
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