[chirp_users] Fedora COPR for Fedora 32 and EL 8

Nolan Darilek
Fri May 1 08:32:34 PDT 2020

Also, note that whatever Freedesktop SDK last shipped Python2 will 
eventually be EOL. I don't know what this means. Not sure if it 
eventually gets removed from Flathub along with all its dependencies. 
The consequence I encountered was getting spammed on package upgrades 
that I had an EOL GNOME platform installed. I removed the offending 
package because I didn't use it, so am not sure how long the dependency 
would have hung around.

I like Flatpak better, but for the purposes of maintaining Python2 
support for as long as needed, I wonder if AppImages may be a better 
bet? You'd have to build your own Python, but you can then download and 
freeze all dependencies in a single binary. You may be able to do 
something similar with Flatpak, but the major benefit there is that you 
can get lots from the SDKs/platforms without having to vendor your own 
dependencies. It may also be possible to grab and freeze dependent SDKs 
into a CHIRP repository.

Speaking of, I didn't try adding CHIRP to Flathub because at the time 
they only accepted released software, not daily builds. I know there's 
now a beta channel, but I'm not sure if CHIRP would qualify for that. 
I'm also not sure if they'd accept daily builds from a package 
maintainer who only releases software that way (I.e. they may be more 
inclined to accept an official CHIRP daily release build vs. something 
put together by some random guy on the internet. :) I'd love to see 
CHIRP on Flathub.

On 5/1/20 9:00 AM, Tony Fuller wrote:
> If Nolan's flatpak file is/was working then lxml is not needed. Also I 
> believed that pip install section wasn't working in mine so I added 
> that dedicated pyserial section. That is probably the way to go if pip 
> ever decides to shutdown py2 support. I also cheated and used a source 
> from Ubuntu packages because FTP isn't supported by flatpak-builder.
> @Nolan thanks for reminding us of your repository again. I thought I 
> had seen something related to flatpak but couldn't remember where. 
> That's going to be a valuable reference in knowing what is needed and 
> what is not needed.
> @Richard, I'm more than happy to clean up and incorporate anything 
> that Nolan has and do some debugging. Also you can add json directly 
> into a yml file if you like the syntax better while still taking 
> advantage of new features like comments.
> Tony
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>     Sorry, folks, if I missed a critical message in this thread. I
>     have an older CHIRP flatpak here:
>     https://gitlab.com/ndarilek/chirp
> Well, outside of the atrocious documentation on how to deal with 
> icons, I actually got it to run after modifying Tony's JSON version. 
> It uses PIP for the pure python dependencies and I think I like that 
> better. If most of the documentation was in YAML instead of JSON I 
> would definitely want to use your version.
> Some noted differences:
> I added suds for radioreference,
> I don't see lxml in yours...
> Other than the icon issue (haven't tested a full install with the 
> desktop file) I actually was able to download from my Wouxun UV6D!
> I'll see if I can adapt your YAML to my JSON file. I'm not currently 
> doing any cleanup.
> Thanks,
> Richard
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