[chirp_users] Fedora COPR for Fedora 32 and EL 8

Richard Shaw
Fri May 1 06:24:31 PDT 2020

On Fri, May 1, 2020 at 7:28 AM Nolan Darilek <nolan at thewordnerd.info> wrote:

> Sorry, folks, if I missed a critical message in this thread. I have an
> older CHIRP flatpak here:
> https://gitlab.com/ndarilek/chirp

Well, outside of the atrocious documentation on how to deal with icons, I
actually got it to run after modifying Tony's JSON version. It uses PIP for
the pure python dependencies and I think I like that better. If most of the
documentation was in YAML instead of JSON I would definitely want to use
your version.

Some noted differences:

I added suds for radioreference,
I don't see lxml in yours...

Other than the icon issue (haven't tested a full install with the desktop
file) I actually was able to download from my Wouxun UV6D!

I'll see if I can adapt your YAML to my JSON file. I'm not currently doing
any cleanup.

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