[chirp_users] Chirp screen display and nominal behavior

Tom Consodine ND5Y
Sun Jan 12 06:08:53 PST 2020

See if this helps.

If you want encode and decode both with the same tone the program the 
channel like location #4 in this example.

Tom ND5Y

On 1/11/20 6:03 PM, Nita S. wrote:
> I am new to Chirp. My radio, a Jetstream JT-270MH, has the capability of 
> specifying both a tone encode (for keying a repeater) and a tone decode 
> (for validating that transmissions received) are from the correct 
> repeater. I had manually entered these into the radio, and it was 
> working correctly.
> Then I introduced Chirp into the picture. Chirp has columns for both 
> Tone and ToneSql. I have been unable to get the correct tone to show in 
> both columns. Generally, I see a value in the Tone column combined with 
> 'Tone' in the Tone Mode column. Alternatively, I see a value in the 
> ToneSql column and 'TSQL' in the Tone Mode column.
> Is this the correct display, and if so which one tells me that Chirp is 
> programming the tone for transmissions in both directions ?
> Note that I can open the memory line in a Properties window, set both 
> Tone and ToneSql to the same value, but they do not stick when clicking OK.
> Also note that I have opened bug # 7475 concerning the precise radio 
> profile used to clone this data, and issues encountered, so there could 
> be a connection, but seems unlikely to me.

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