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Fri May 24 16:22:20 PDT 2019

On 2019-05-24 12:22, John Kemker wrote:

> Just got off the phone with a national amateur radio vendor, asking if they had the cable for my FTM3200DR for sale.  I was told they have the cable with the RT-Systems ADMS software, but not the cable by itself.

I bought the RTS sw/cable from HRO because I needed the cable to program
my FT-60.  The SW did me no good because it's for Windows and I'm a
linux guy. 

Chirp worked fine with my HT and several others that I programmed for
friends until it came to one of Yaesu's water-resistant models.  Don't
remember which one specifically, but we needed to unscrew a cap to get
to the port.  Found the cable wouldn't fit into the port mechanically --
the plastic overmolding was just too wide to fit down into the hole.  So
there I was -- bought SW I couldn't use to get a cable that I couldn't
use.  (On that radio.)  I'd have been really torqued if I'd bought it
specifically for that model. 

If RTS is the 'officially supported' SW because it doesn't 'brick,' does
that imply that Yaesu has shared with RTS which areas are safe to touch
and which aren't?  And wouldn't it be doing their customers a good deed
to share that info with the Chirp community, too? 

Benton 24may19
benton at siletzbay.com
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