[chirp_users] Truth or Fiction

Pavel Milanes Costa
Tue May 28 06:35:35 PDT 2019

El 24/5/19 a las 18:27, John Kemker escribió:
> I find it hard to believe that they don't have as good a software 
> standard as less-expensive brands.

I was not eager to take a side here, but...

I'm developing a driver (CHIRP) for an old  Yaesu/Vertex Radio family 
right now (FTL 1011/2011/7011) and there a BUG in the firmware, they 
DON'T Validate the radio info once I pass to the program space...

I can program a 2011 like if a 7011 and vice versa... there is an old 
hack to convert any of them from 4 to 8 to 12 channels on SOFTWARE, etc..

"less-expensive brands?"

I developed the driver for Commercial Grade Kenwood TK-x60/x70 & 
TK-x60G/x70G families (for CHIRP) and there is a lack of validation out 
there in the same aspect...

In fact for YEARS fleet/ham operators knows that ANY of the in that 
familly can be programed like a x78 and you will get features that ONLY 
that radio has... yes I can program a TK-760G and get all the features 
of a TK-768G (A key for low power, true reverse, etc...) and the radios 
are happy with that...

[The OEM software HIDE the key features for particular radios but the 
functions are there, I have given ACCESS to that functions in CHIRP, 
once you know that all of them uses the same firmware, literally: the 
same firmware...]

The TK-790 is another monster [never completed the driver for it...], 
better programmed, locks on the important things, a separate mode for 
firmware, but has a quirk or two also...

As many of the previous OM said: Fast, Reliable, Cheap; pick just two of 

Cheers, Pavel CO7WT.

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