[chirp_users] UV-82HP display question

Tom Balaban
Fri May 17 11:54:12 PDT 2019

I know that can be done by setting the display mode as you  would prefer 
in the "A" and the "B" displays. However you must set both displays to 
the same channel manually. I'm not aware of an automatic sync 


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>I have a UV-82HP, and I would like the top line to say the channel 
>name, and on the bottom line I would like it to show the correct 
>frequency of the channel I am on. Example: If I am on NOAA on the top 
>line I would like it to show 162.525 on the bottom line. Which is the 
>NOAA frequency in our area.
>I also have a UV-82C, UV-5R and a UV-5RTP I would like to do the same 
>thing to (if possible).
>Is this possible? I have done so many google searches and read a bunch 
>of articles. One man said he had his radio this way, but did not say 
>how he did it.
>I have been playing around with the Settings in Chirp and I have the 
>Name on the top line, but can't get the correct frequency on the bottom 
>Thank you in advance,
>Dan Jolley
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