[chirp_users] Trying to download and run CHIRP on my Dell laptop.

Jim Unroe
Fri Jan 25 02:09:31 PST 2019

On Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 10:26 PM Skip Luke <salty4568 at gmail.com> wrote:
>  It started OK and I was able to access the UV-82, but when I  made a couple changes and uploaded the file to the radio, it stopped in the middle and everything locked up.  The Dell locked up. I restarted it, and CHIRP wouldn't run. Uninstalled and then downloaded again and installed. Still will not run.; Getting frustrated.
> It worked fine on my old machine in Linux. Running Win 7 now, regrettably., (on the Dell.)
> Old machine has problems, but I may have to resurrect  it. I hate Windows!
> The UV-82 did something weird ..... used it to check into a new last week, and somehow that freq. offest changed ..... now looking at the repeater input frequency, so it is backwards. Aaaaaargh!
> Skip

Hi Skip,

The "chirp.config" file got corrupted when your computer locked up.
Just got to the folder where it is located (the same place as the
"debug.log" file) and either rename it or erase it. The next time you
launch CHIRP, a new "chirp.config" file will be created and CHIRP will
open as if it was a brand new install.

This link below takes you to a page that explains how to fine the
debug.log file.



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