[chirp_users] Chirp under Linux

Jim Unroe
Sat Dec 7 19:05:24 PST 2019

> I'm running Chirp under Kubuntu and have tried every Chip daily version
> over the past four months. This is the error message that I receive when
> I attempt to read from the radio:
> "Radio did not respond"

This is a cable problem. You would get the same error if you didn't
plug the cable into your radio at all.

Make sure the 2-pin plug is fully inserted into the socket of the
radio. When I first got my UV-82, I plugged in my cable and thought it
was all the way in. It wasn't. What happens is the metal sleeves in
the socket can cause the pins to stick and you will swear the plug is
fully in solid. Wiggle it some while pressing and you will be
surprised when it goes in further (I know I was).


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