[chirp_users] New user and question/bug/feature

Ed Ackerman
Thu Jun 21 11:19:55 PDT 2018

I run Centos 6.9 and I downloaded the zip file.
When I go to run chirpw i get the following message:

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "./chirpw", line 23, in <module>
     from chirp.drivers import *
"/home/edack/Desktop/chirp-daily-20180614/chirp/drivers/lt725uv.py", line 198, in <module>
ValueError: zero length field name in format

If I go to the referened line I can and do comment out lines

# Now append the DxxxN and DxxxI DTCS codes from chirp_common
for x in chirp_common.DTCS_CODES:
for x in chirp_common.DTCS_CODES:

All works fine.

I don't care because I dont need the lt725uv driver. I am wondering if 
this is a Linux only "feature", or is it just masked in the windows 

This happens in 20180614 and also in 20180611 builds I don't know about 
earlier versions but I do remember using a version from 2017 that did not 
do this.

#include <std.disclaimer>;	| select * from users
Ed Ackerman			|    where users.clue = 1;
edack at kengel.com		| 0 rows returned

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