[chirp_users] New Daily Build - DOESN'T WORK.

Dan Brown
Thu Jun 7 19:47:47 PDT 2018

On 6/7/18 9:52 PM, Mike-2007 wrote:
> Won't argue with a thing you said.....  EXCEPT..... ham radio isn't my
> only hobby, and I have some software for another hobby that just will
> not function outside of windows.  Tried on a MAC, tried on Linux, tried

Nobody said you should replace Windows with Linux (though that's growing
increasingly easy).  Use VirtualBox (free at virtualbox.org) and set up
Linux in a virtual machine on your Windows box.  Or dual-boot.  Or buy a
Raspberry Pi and run Linux on that.  Or...

Dan Brown, KE6MKS, dan at familybrown.org
"Since all the world is but a story, it were well for thee to buy the
more enduring story rather than the story that is less enduring."
 -- The Judgment of St. Colum Cille

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