[chirp_users] New Daily Build - DOESN'T WORK.

Chuck Hast
Thu Jun 7 19:40:18 PDT 2018

On Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 8:52 PM, Mike-2007 <mike-2007 at elp.rr.com> wrote:

> Won't argue with a thing you said.....  EXCEPT..... ham radio isn't my
> only hobby, and I have some software for another hobby that just will not
> function outside of windows.  Tried on a MAC, tried on Linux, tried some
> other thing my friend locally has.  Nothing worked.  And this other hobby
> is more important to me than ham radio.  So I'll just struggle along on
> Windows-7 (64 bit) and hopefully with the RT Systems cable I won't have the
> troubles others seem to have here.  Heck, I'd still be using XP if they
> hadn't quit supporting it!
> Perhaps someday someone will write good software for Android, and I'll
> take my tablet instead of the little Net-Book I carry out now.  But until
> it happens, I'm on Win-7.  Funny, but I've had no problems on my end.  In
> fact, this E-mail address was first used in Dec of 2006, and I don't feel a
> need to change it either, still no SPAM, no virus, no update problems.  I
> must be doing something right!
> Vy73 -- Mike -- KD5KC.

Yes I have one like that too, CPS for the MD-9600, it will not run under
and when it runs under windows if you want to load the contacts list you
have to have Excel installed on your computer, for a stinking csv file at

For that I have a virtual machine running Win10 (I want to get a copy of
that was the one I liked. Win10 I really am getting a real dislike for)

The thing I like about my Linux boxen is they never give me issues, they
run, the updates are fast and never intrusive, I do not have to reboot the
machine every time it does an update (that is one of the reasons I do not
like to run the VM, first thing it does is complain about needing updates as
I run it about every Feb 29th on a blue moon) At least with running Win10
in a VM I can give it some additional protection in the host system.

Well if you get a Raspberry Pi you can do almost what you want, you run
the RPi headless and access it from your tablet/phone whatever.

I have a spare tablet I am going to put Linux on to see if I can run Chirp
on it.
That would be neat to not have to carry anything more than the tablet and

I also have 4 Thinkpads (I LIKE Thinkpads) that I can use for that sort of
one of them is a small 12" screen running Ubuntu Mate has an i7 processor
and a SSD, it boots very fast and moves very fast. That is my little field
when I need more than the Pi.

Ham radio is not my only hobby either, and there is some other stuff out
that falls in the same area as the MD-9600 software,  but I would say that I
have found 98% of what I need in some form for Linux.

I used to have a rr addy when we lived in Tampa, but it got so loaded with
spam that I got this gmail addy (2004) and it has stayed with me ever since.

Of course now having lived in 3 places where there is no TW, I would not
have one anyhow.


Chirp + Editcp + MD380Tools on Linux
Chuck -- KP4DJT
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