[chirp_users] FT2DR connecting with Linux

Dave B
Sun Oct 29 07:41:44 PDT 2017

    After doing a little more digging re this.

    Seems to show that there is as yet, NO official programming software

    But also found:-
    http://www.g4hfq.co.uk/ftb2d.html  But see the link "Withdrawn from sale" that goes to:-

    Does not look promising.

    As it is possible to clone from one rig to another, presumably by using
    a "special" mini USB to mini USB cable? (i.e. non standard.)  Bob HFD
    has done an amazing job getting as far as he did with the original
    firmware shipped with the radios.

    Perhaps the Chirp dev team could work with Bob G4HFD to a common end?

    I do also see some comments that it may be possible to edit the radio's
    config file, by saving it to a SD card, and putting that in a PC, but I
    couldn't find any details as to the structure of the files(s) used.

    This is another way for big companies to tie users into their expensive
    infrastructure, at the users expense.   And, when the companies decide
    it's an old product and drop support, your on your own.
    No doubt over time someone will reverse engineer it, to our benefit, and
    Yaesu's shagrin, but that might "take a while."
    Dave B.

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