[chirp_users] FT2DR connecting with Linux

declan WD5EQY
Sun Oct 29 10:23:13 PDT 2017

Chirp works with FT2DR. Yaesu do have programming software for FT2DR:


(Find it on the "Files" tab under the FT2DR page at


It only runs on windows (although I've had it work correctly using Wine 
under MacOS X.) I think the software is pretty clunky compared to chirp.

I've used chirp under both windoze and MacOS. I'll try it Real Soon Now 
under linux.

The FT2DR as I received it includes a "cloning cable" which will be 
recognized as USB by a Macintosh, but I've found no software that speaks 
directly to the FT2DR from a computer. You can clone between FT2DRs with 
that cable. To program the FT2DR via USB to a computer, I needed to 
obtain another cable; Yaesu sells the SCU-19 for that purpose (and 
they're VERY proud of it at $75 IMNSHO.) Both the Yaesu software and 
Chirp work* for me with that cable.

One can also program via microSD card, using the Yaesu software above, 
which knows how to read and write the cards. I've not looked into 
getting chirp to read and write microSD cards, but the native chirp 
format is almost correct. The FT2DR reverse engineering was almost 
trivial since it is very, very close to the FT1DR in format.

* I know of at least one thing the FT2DR (and probably the FT1DR) 
supports that presently breaks chirp. Setting a "preset memory receiver 
channel" into a memory location may cause chirp to misbehave; removing 
that channel allows chirp to work. See manual section "Registering 
Preset Receiver Memory Channels into Memory" and then don't do that!

Declan WD5EQY

On 10/29/2017 08:41 AM, Dave B wrote:
>      After doing a little more digging re this.
>      http://systemfusion.yaesu.com/faq/does-yaesu-have-programming-software-for-the-ft2dr/
>      Seems to show that there is as yet, NO official programming software
>      available.
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