[chirp_users] CHIRP DOWNLOAD problems (USB Serial leads)

Dave B
Sun Oct 29 07:39:16 PDT 2017

> you will most likely
> have to download, install and select the older Prolific v3.2.0.0
> driver that was available before the Prolific company decided to
> combat piracy of their chip.
Trouble then, unless you "hog-tie" Windows (whatever version) not to
update that driver each time it phones home, it will want to "update"
the older driver for the current one, so your interface lead stops
working (again.)

I believe, "there are ways" to prevent particular drivers from updating,
but not being a Windows user at home any more, I can't say how you'd do

Blocking all updates, is *not* recommended, in this insecure day and age.

Best to use a newer cable with genuine chip-set in (it doesn’t have to
be Prolific) though that can be difficult to impossible to check
without breaking it out of the packaging, and even then, not always easy
for many...

If it's any consolation (probably not) 10's of 1000's of genuine companies 
got caught out by the Prolific counterfeiters to their (and our) cost.

The only guaranteed way to get a genuine chip-set, is to buy direct from
the makers, or their official agents, but as well as the cost, you then
you have to make up an adapter from RS232 to whatever connector the rig
of interest uses.

But, isn't that what were all supposed to be able to do?
(Tin hat at the ready!)
Such an adapter would be good to have anyway I think.
Regards. Dave B.
PS:	I have personally come across, a "so called" (and marked up as)
FTDI chip, but it identified itself as, and worked as a Prolific chip! 
The counterfeiters are using micro-controllers programmed to emulate the
genuine chips, and other than a few esoteric little used functions
(changing the function of I/O lines etc) they have actually done quite
an impressive (I'm not saying good) job.
Someone programmed that one wrongly, or forgot to set it's emulation mode.
Take care.

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