[chirp_users] Hesenate vhf/uhf

Amnon Zohar
Wed Nov 29 01:22:26 PST 2017

updating cab be avoided

2017-11-29 11:04 GMT+02:00 Dave B <g8kbv at uku.co.uk>:

> It probably uses a fake Prolific chipset, all too common sadly.
> Windows will not use those now, unless you roll back the driver, but then
> Windows will "update" it to the latest again at the next opportunity.  If
> you turn Windows updates off, then you are potentially vulnerable for other
> troubles as they are found later.
> They still work OK on most Linux's though, as does Chirp just fine.
> Solution, use a FTDI based cable (if you can find a seller to guarantee
> that they are genuine too) or build your own cable with a known genuine
> USB<>Serial chip.   The "Genuine" Prolific chips are OK in Windows.
> Silicon Lab's chips are OK too, but you'll have to install drivers
> yourself for them, except on Linux, where they "just work" without issue on
> most distro's.
> Note:  The "Fake" chips, are actually micro-controllers programmed to
> emulate Prolific or FTDI chips.  The emulations are quite good, but can be
> detected by the "official" drivers.  The current official Prolific drivers
> will not use the Fakes.   Similarly, FTDI drivers will not use the fakes
> either.  Earlier FTDI drivers would "brick" them by resetting the VID/PID
> values to zero.   Caused a lot of bad press that did.  (But they can be
> un-bricked!)
> The fake FDTI chips can be identified as being unable to re-assign the
> auxiliary I/O pin functions.  Well, the software is happy, but the change
> doesn’t actually happen.  That's how I found one, I needed to invert the
> TXD line, but no change happened.
> I have also personally come across a chip that was marked up as FTDI, but
> identified itself to the PC as Prolific!  I suspect there are undocumented
> ways to "configure" the emulation.
> Take care.
> 73.
> Dave G0WBX.
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> shows error under other devices usb port no drivers available.  I will have to find a driver for the cable.
> Ray
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