[chirp_users] Can't Upload from Chirp to Radio

Jim Unroe
Wed Dec 27 11:46:51 PST 2017

On Wed, Dec 27, 2017 at 12:21 PM, Gary Ludwig via chirp_users
<chirp_users at intrepid.danplanet.com> wrote:
> I followed Two Way Radios Instructions to install to my Baofeng UV 5R-3. I
> downloaded from radio to Chirp software. Then I Accessed the repeater data
> base to select 2 meter and 70 cm. repeaters. This was successful but I
> couldn't download the chosen repeaters to the radio. the "downoad to radio"
> was gray and no matter what I tried I was unable to download to the radio.
> Help!

This is because you accessed the repeater data and brought it into a
tab that did not originate from your radio. It probably says "GENERIC
CSV: {somefilename}.csv" in the tab. The tab you upload must say
"Baofeng UV-5R: {somefilename}.img".

So the quick and dirty thing to do is to copy and past from the
"GENERIC CSV:" tab to the "Baofeng UV-5R" tab so you can upload it to
your radio.


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