[chirp_users] Establishing a radio connection

Jim MacKenzie
Mon Jul 18 14:45:21 PDT 2016

I program my radios under Linux, not Windows, but it shouldn't matter.

I tend to turn the radio on just before I first send programming to or from
it.  I tend to use a low volume because it didn't occur to me that it might
matter, and low volume programming has worked fine for me.

If I'm going to be awhile I turn the radio off, but if it's just a quick
change I will leave the radio on.  Truthfully I rarely have to do this as I
save my configurations on my server and I load them, edit them, and
re-upload them; there is almost never need for me to download from a radio
anymore, except for the initial programming.


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My question is about the need for power cycling the radio, and the timing of
doing it. Does this play a role in the connection?
For example, suppose that one has downloaded settings from a radio, modified
them (by editing or importing settings), and will then upload the settings
back to the same radio. Is anything accomplished by power cycling the radio?

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