[chirp_users] Establishing a radio connection

Tom Simonson
Mon Jul 18 14:10:14 PDT 2016

I have been using the CHIRP software for about a year and a half,
mainly with Chinese radios: Baofeng and B-Tech, and have a question
about the process of connecting the radios for upload/download.
I have programmed a number of 888S radios and UV-82C models, and
recently bought a UV-82HP.

I found the 82HP fussier about establishing a connection for
upload/download than the other radios, and required multiple tries -
particularly for an upload. This is using the same FTDI cable used
with the other handheld radios.

When requesting an upload or download, two windows pop up: the
first indicates the type of radio and comm port, followed by a
window giving instructions to connect the radio, power it up,
possibly going to full volume etc. I believe that there is a
checkbox to suppress the second window (which I have not checked).

My question is about the need for power cycling the radio, and
the timing of doing it. Does this play a role in the connection?
For example, suppose that one has downloaded settings from a radio,
modified them (by editing or importing settings), and will then
upload the settings back to the same radio. Is anything
accomplished by power cycling the radio?

Tom Simonson, Alameda CA (tom at tsimonson.com)

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