[chirp_users] MAC OS X 10.7.5

Jim Unroe
Fri Jul 15 08:54:50 PDT 2016

> I noticed Chirp is requiring OS X 10.8. (or latest version).

I don't believe that the above statement is true.

The CHIRP download page states...

"New Mac OS X must install the runtime once before running CHIRP.
After it is installed, the runtime does not need to be downloaded or
installed each time. Download the KK7DS Python runtime for Mac OSX."

In this case, "new Mac OS X" doesn't mean "latest Mac OS X". In this
it means a "Mac OS X that has never had the KK7DS Python runtime for
Mac OSX installed".

it also states...

"OS X support is limited to Intel architecture. PowerPC is not supported."

So if your Mac has an Intel CPU, and you have satisfied all of the
prerequisites mentioned on the download page (and have a properly
installed and working programming cable), CHIRP should work for you.


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