[chirp_users] Wouxun KG-UV3D CHIRP support and a question on the memory chip replacement

Robert Morningstar
Sat Jan 16 10:12:58 PST 2016


I am a bit confused about CHIRP support for this radio.  It is listed on 
the home page, but the software does not present this model in the 
dropdown list when I attempt to download from it and I do not see it in 
the model_supported.html file on the download page.

Can someone clarify this for me?   I need to write a new img to my radio 
I think.  I was successful in replacing the nvram chip (I had the 
infamous Wouxun radio losing it settings and memory issue) by following 
the process listed at http://tim-yvonne.com/ham/wouxun-memory/index.htm 
but the radio reverted to some other band than what I purchased it for 
(this problem also documented at the site listed above) after I 
completed the memory replacement procedure.

I'm stuck,  I fixed the memory issue and tested it by manually 
programming two channels and those settings were retained after removing 
the battery and reinstalling it.   But now I am getting the Channel Freq 
Out of Range issue for channels that previously worked just fine before 
the chip transplant.

Any thoughts on this issue?

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