[chirp_users] Two Baofeng UV-5R radios but only one works with CHIRP

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They are different, I ran into the same problem with one of my technicians radios. Upload the problem radio to your computer,  it will create a new file. With your other configuration open, select all your channels and paste into the other configuration. Then download to the radio. 

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Hello - I am a new CHIRP user and have two Baofeng UV-5R radios.  I was 
able to get CHIRP to communicate with one radio and uploaded some memory 
channels.  However, when I tried the second radio, I got an error 
message  "The upload was stopped because the firmware of the image (Ver 
BFB297) does not match that of the radio (BFB299 BFB297).  However, when 
I power on the radios holding the 3 key down, I see that the firmware 
version of both is the same - BFB297.  How do I resolve this???  
Thanks.  Jay
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