[chirp_users] UV82 firmware incompatible

Jim Unroe
Fri Jun 12 03:30:03 PDT 2015

On Fri, Jun 12, 2015 at 1:25 AM, John Hutchinson <jahutch at bigpond.com> wrote:
> I have successfully programmed UV82 in the past, seven in fact with the
> same .img file.
> I just bought 3 more and tried to upload to the radio but got error
> message that the Firmware version doesn't match that of the radio.
> I could Download from that radio and saved that file.
> Maybe upgrading CHIRP to the latest version 0.4.1 would help but didn't,
> so also ran Daily Build install hoping but no luck.
> I still get the same error message when trying to Upload and if I now
> try to Download, I get a message that it's the wrong model!
> I can still download from my older UV82.
> I see in Settings>Other Settings it shows the Firmware Message 1&2 which
> is different for the old and new radios but they are greyed out so can't
> change it.
> Older radios Firmware Message 1> ver
> Older radios Firmware Message 2> B82525
> New radios Firmware Message 1> N822411
> New radios Firmware Message 2> N822411
> What do I do? Please help.
> John

CHIRP uses the firmware version to identify which radio model that the
image file was saved from. The N82 firmware numbering series is new
and therefor was unknown to CHIRP.

A patch to add this new numbering series was submitted earlier in the
week. Once accepted, it will be available in the next CHIRP daily
build release.

Baofeng is transitioning the UV-82 firmware to be more like the UV-5R
firmware. For example, powering the radio on with the [5] key pressed
displays the firmware version on the B82 radios where the [3] key must
be used on the N82 radios. Like when the UV-5R series transitioned
from the BFB firmware to the N5R firmware, the memory layout has been
changed and images from B82 radios are not compatible with radios
having N82 firmware (and the other way around).

To get around this, you will have to "Import" the channels from your
master "image" or have a tab open for each firmware version so you can
copy-and-paste between tabs.


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