[chirp_users] Cable for use w/CHIRP and iCOM ID-51A

Daniel Sohn
Sun Dec 13 16:50:58 PST 2015


Can anyone point me at the correct cable to buy, build or modify so that I can ** using OS X 10.11**  (happens to be .2 now) program iCom ID-51A HTs with CHIRP?

I’ve searched some and tried the RT Systems generic Apple FDLI update to no effect wrt to using the RT System cable w/OS X.

I have several other options for programming ID-51s however it would be convenient if I could set up their non-DStar Freqs in somewhat similar arrangements to the many Baoefengs that are popping up like … well you know what,  to facilitate CommT support for local ARES/RACES units.   Goal is to create libraries of .csv files for various types of local & regional support/event/agency combinations and efficiently have identical Channel names or #s to expedite implementation of IACs in the field.

If anyone knows what would also work as an actual radio to radio ‘cloning’ cable for the ID-51s I’m interested in that too.
Ditto this for Baofengs in the UV-82/UV-82HP series.

Many Thanks
73 & pax
…dan   WL7COO

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