[chirp_users] Mac cable problems w/ programming Kenwood TH-F6A w/ Chirp

Jim Hooper
Sat Dec 19 10:27:09 PST 2015

Dear friends, 

I would like to be able to program my Kenwood TH-F6A with Chirp for Mac, but I cannot presently.     I am able to program my Icom ID-880H and my ID-51A on my Mac, however, though a different cabler is used and both radios use the same cable, an RT Systems cable.   

Here is what I know: 

    My Mac appears to recognize either of two cables that I have that fit the Kenwood TH-F6A connectors.   One cable is the Powerwerx WXUSB programming cable for Wouxun.  The other cable, recently purchased specifically hoping to program over the Mac, is the RT Systems USB-4KY cable.   I write that my Mac “recognizes” the cables because both appear, when connected, e.g.: “USB Serial Controller”, for example, appears under “System Information”, “USB” … when you hold control key down and select the Apple icon in upper left corner and the Powerwerx cable is connected.    

    I have Parallels 9 on my computer and am running Windows XP.   Both cables successfully talk to Chirp Windows version under Parallels.   

    I believe I have correctly installed drivers for the Mac.    

Any suggestions?   

Thanks in advance, 


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