[chirp_users] Error message

Shon Edwards
Tue Apr 21 21:42:35 PDT 2015

Am getting this error message "Upload finished, but the 'Other Settings'
could not be sent because the firmware version of the image (  Ver  B82S26
  ) does not match that of the radio (  Ver  B82S28   )."

Am trying to upload info to a Baofeng UV-82X and getting this message.
It's possible my CHIRP version may not be new enough.  Seems to still
transfer the frequencies and labels.  Not sure what is NOT being
transferred because of this.

Does anyone know what needs to be done to get rid of the error message?  Or
what is not getting transferred?  Anything to worry about?



Shon R. Edwards, MA, AG (Czech Republic)
Amateur call:  K6QT
1039 N 2575 W
Layton, UT, 84041-7709
E-mail:  sre.1966 at gmail.com
Home phone:  (801) 444-3445
Cell:  (605) 209-6064
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