[chirp_users] Dstar ID-RP4000V Repeater

Robert Keeton
Sat Nov 8 20:35:16 PST 2014

I have an ICOM , ID-RP4000V Dstar repeater.  According to the Wiki page both
the VHF and UHF repeater is supported.  When I check the daily build list it
is not shown as supported and I could not locate a *.py file for the
repeater.  I have been through the archives and found reference that support
for the ID-RP400V was added and it was working , but not much other info.
When I run Chirp to try detect the repeater/radio I get an error message "
An error has occurred Unable to get radio model".  I have tried both the
most up to date windows version and a USB thumb drive with the Live CD
loaded.  Both versions operate fine , but with the error message.  Any


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