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Pete Mackie
Sun Nov 9 08:13:41 PST 2014

You might want to read the generally positive reviews for the TYT TH-9800 at: http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/11746 <http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/11746> where the reviews talk about poor software and a not so good bootlegged cloned FTDI chip USB cable. Following are some comments I excised from the eHam.net <http://eham.net/> review, discussing the bad software and somewhat defective USB cable.

I would suggest the first action you take is to replace the use of the bootlegged cloned FTDI chip USB cable because it is one factor of unknown quality item working against you. Valley Enterprises ( http://www.valley-ent.com/ <http://www.valley-ent.com/> ) does provide very high quality FTDDI chip USB cables. In particular check out the Valley Enterprises Part #: RPC-Y7800-U FTDI USB <http://www.valley-ent.com/catalog/yaesu-usb-ftdi-programming-cable-7800-8800-8900-p-219.html#.VF9x3VPF8j8> cable.

This Valley Enterprises RPC-Y7800-U cable is an aftermarket USB Radio Programming Cable for Yaesu: FT-3000M, FT-7100M, FT-7800E, FT-7800R, FT-7900E, FT-7900R, FT-8000H, FT-8000R, FT-8100H, FT-8100R, FT-8500, FT-8800E, FT-8800R, FT-8900E, and FT-8900R. 

The cable price is $23.00, Yes there are cheaper FTDI USB cables available online if you search around. But why spend hours fighting USB cables of unknown quality where Valley Enterprises are recognized for their highest quality F

Excised  eHam.net <http://eham.net/> Review Comments

The radio of course has a sunny side, too. Sensitivity is very good, frequency range as stated and it came with a separation kit, DTMF mic and a USB cable. Software is free, but not perfect. As mentioned above the TH-9800 is very similar to the FT-8900, even the menu and display is nearly the same.

The Devil’s in the Details the TYT 9800 is identical to the Yaesue 8900 at half the price it would seem so Except that the TYT 8900 uses a USB to mini Programming cord and the issue is that the Chinese use the boot leg FDDI chip and the driver fails more often than not and the software that comes with it sucks, mine has really bad audio issue with the microphone,over and over people tell me I sound muffled on the air fit and finish are better than most knock offs; but if you want high quality of a Yaesu then you are going to be disappointed the TYT 9800 is a good quad band knockoff of the Yaesu 8900 but not the same what do you want for half the price I got what I paid for a cheap radio it works you get what you pay for. I like the radio but being stone cold honest it’s a three nothing more

This is a not a bad radio. but the software is very poor. also when on a repeater the sound goes down but. the main problem is the squelch switch does not work if you go in menu 23 and set the squelch to signal 9 it does no shut the noise out IE no squelch at all. at signal 2 or 6 you cant silence the noise i sent mine back but I hope a firmware update can sort these problems out,

 Pete Mackie
 kg7ixu at arrl.net <mailto:kg7ixu at arrl.net>

> On Nov 8, 2014, at 6:19 PM, Roos G Mats <mats.g.roos at gmail.com <mailto:mats.g.roos at gmail.com>> wrote:
> Hi,
> is the TYT TH-9800 part of the daily build in chirp ?
> I just got mine but can not get it to work with Chirp.  When reading from the radio I can see the TH-9800 as a choice of radio.
> Can anyone help??
> Mats

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