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John LaMartina
Tue Jun 17 12:47:43 PDT 2014

Dennis and Skip,
Just to put your mind at ease regarding the Miklor website, trust me, there is no hidden agenda or 'mystery' malware links in the
I know this because every line of code came from My keyboard.
The Amazon ads on the right are totally legitimate and the code came directly from Amazon.

The links to CHIRP are a direct link to http://trac.chirp.danplanet.com/chirp_daily/LATEST/
which is the URL to the Latest Daily Build. 

If you have any concern about any of the links, please email me directly at   Alpha (at) Miklor (dot) com

Thanks and refer to the site with confidence...
John K3NXU

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Good question Paul, I can't see ad's (except those from 1 major
source) but those I have seen are designed to look like the download you are looking for. They analyse the site that has agreed to
host the ad's and when it chooses the ad to display it does so using similar style artwork and fonts to make you think the download
you want is theirs, leading you to a rogue site and a source of malware. The ad's are often placed near the real download link and
quite often have one or two words "Download" or "Click here" or a picture with those words on. The links are just a form of social
engineering to make you install malware.

I once asked someone to download VLC and couldn't recall the url, I asked him to search for it, he used his choice of search engine
(different to the one I use) and he chose the first link on the page, this turned out to be an ad, made to look like the rest of the
search results, further more the ad was for one of these sites that changed the name of the download to the same as the URL used EG.
It would download a file called myfaveapp.exe if you changed the url to xxxxxx.com/myfaveapp It didn't matter what the name was it
still worked even if the application was a made up name.

Dennis Smith

On 17 June 2014 08:32, Paul Mills <ac0hy at wpmills.com> wrote:
> On 6/16/2014 23:24, Skip wrote:
>> I clicked on the download button at the Miklor website link to CHIRP 
>> which I though would be a legitimate place. I will try your link tomorrow.
>> Thanks,
>> Skip
> Miklor link looks good to me. Perhaps message was triggered by an 
> advertisement?

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