[chirp_users] Odd splits....

John LaMartina
Thu Jun 12 20:08:08 PDT 2014

You should be able to enter:
   RX Freq in the   Frequency Column
   "Split" in the   Duplex Column
   TX Freq in the   Offset Column

Make sure the frequencies programmed are within the specified operation range of the radio.
There are examples and guides showing this on the Miklor website http://www.miklor.com by following the link to the CHIRP section.

Hope this helps.
John K3NXU

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I asked a while back, but got no response.  Since there has been a bit of a conversation about transmitting, I thought I would ask

Using CHIRP (latest stable or daily) I find that I can specify odd splits (not just +/- .6), but the software doesn't seem to save
them correctly.  Anyone notice this besides me?  If I set it up in CHIRP, it will hold long enough to program the radio, but it
reverts to some odd mixture of either + or - in that column if I try to save and reload the spreadsheet.  I have to reset the
correct transmit freq every time I use it.

I'm famous for oddball issues, so if this affects no one else, I'll just live with it, but I would call it a bug worth noting to the
software developer(s).  BTW, I'm using the Mac version, but I don't think it matters.  Seems like I had the same issue when I tried
a Win version.


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