[chirp_users] Odd splits....

Thu Jun 12 19:56:52 PDT 2014

I asked a while back, but got no response.  Since there has been a bit of a conversation about transmitting, I thought I would ask again….

Using CHIRP (latest stable or daily) I find that I can specify odd splits (not just +/- .6), but the software doesn’t seem to save them correctly.  Anyone notice this besides me?  If I set it up in CHIRP, it will hold long enough to program the radio, but it reverts to some odd mixture of either + or - in that column if I try to save and reload the spreadsheet.  I have to reset the correct transmit freq every time I use it.

I’m famous for oddball issues, so if this affects no one else, I’ll just live with it, but I would call it a bug worth noting to the software developer(s).  BTW, I’m using the Mac version, but I don’t think it matters.  Seems like I had the same issue when I tried a Win version.


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