[chirp_users] "Most unusual" "Radio did not ack programming mode"

Jim Unroe
Wed Jun 11 12:01:16 PDT 2014

On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 2:19 PM, Richard Haney <rfhaney at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks, Jim, for the suggestions.
> The version of CHIRP I've been using is
> "chirp-daily-20140601-installer.exe".
> This is on a Dell XPS L502X with Windows 7 Home Premium edition (with
> Service Pack 1), 64-bit.  My USB ports are USB 3.0, but I've never had a
> problem with their being 3.0 instead of 2.0, except for a puzzling USB 3.0
> flash drive I once tried, but as far as I know that problem could have been
> "anything"; I did not have time then to try to diagnose the problem; so I
> returned the flash drive back to the store for a refund.
> In response to your suggestion, I tried the UV-B5's RESET as described in
> the manual, namely, turning on the radio while pressing and holding the
> [FM] button.  But the radio did not seem to do any resetting.  I surmise
> from the manual that I was supposed to get an option displayed of "VFO"
> (for frequency reset) and "ALL" (for resetting everything resettable).  But
> I got nothing like that.  And my channels were all still programmed as I
> had programmed them.  (But before I did any of this I transferred the
> channel-programming data back to the UV-B5 from the OEM channel-programming
> software just to be sure I could do that without any problem.)
> But in case there was some sort of subtle reset when I tried the RESET
> procedure, which conceivably might have resolved the original problem, I
> afterwards tried reading the UV-B5's channel info via CHIRP.  But I still
> got the usual error message and no apparent transfer of data.
> You've not done a RESET then. The manual's procedure is incorrect. That's
why I explained how to do it in my first reply (power-on while pressing the
[MENU] button, select ALL with the "arrow" keys, then press [ENTER]).

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