[chirp_users] New Tech with Boafeng UV-5R and CHIRP software

Jim Unroe
Sun Dec 7 10:26:15 PST 2014

On Sun, Dec 7, 2014 at 12:29 PM, Thomas Fancher <thomasf at nwi.net> wrote:
> I use Windows XP on my computers.  I have discovered that the procedure for
> using CHIRP starts with going to the control panel and determining which
> port is being used by the cable to connect to the radio.  If you move the
> cable between the USB ports on the computer, there needs to be a
> corresponding check to determine the "new" correct port number.
> I hope this will be of help.    Thomas   WD6AZA

This depends on the USB-to-Serial chip in the programming cable. The
Prolific chip behaves as you describe. Some of the other chips will
retain the same com port number when the programming cable is moved to
a different com port.

I use mostly programming cables that have the Prolific type chip in
them. I also have 2 USB ports on the front of my computer. Once I
plugged my programming cable into the left USB port, I determined its
port number as you described. Then I plugged my programming cable into
the right USB port. I then went into Device Manager and change the com
port that was assigned to the right USB port to be the same as the com
port assigned to the left USB port (Windows complains but will still
allow it). Now I can use either USB port at will without having to
make and changes to the selected com port in CHIRP. The down side is
that I cannot use 2 programming cables with Prolific type chips in
these 2 USB ports at the same time.


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