[chirp_users] New Tech with Boafeng UV-5R and CHIRP software

Thomas Fancher
Sun Dec 7 09:29:55 PST 2014

I use Windows XP on my computers.  I have discovered that the procedure for using CHIRP starts with going to the control panel and determining which port is being used by the cable to connect to the radio.  If you move the cable between the USB ports on the computer, there needs to be a corresponding check to determine the "new" correct port number. 

I hope this will be of help.    Thomas   WD6AZA
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  Hi, and thanks for allowing me to join the group.

  I have been working on getting my CHIRP installed (and working) for several days now. Tonight, I FINALLY got everything to work, after trudging through many website, emails, and discussions.  I created a couple of channels as a test run and everything read from the radio and wrote to the radio with no problem.  I then went back into the program to start over and I got errors indicating the Port was no good.  I had not removed the cable or changed ports, or done anything differently. When I went into my Devices and Printers folder, there was a yellow warning sign stating there was a problem with the port.  But everything worked fine just seconds before that.  I'm sure I will have more questions, but after getting this far on my own, I'm at a loss, and hope to get some help.
  Thank you for your time, 
  Christy KEØCJO


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