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John LaMartina
Sat Dec 6 11:14:03 PST 2014

Yes, It sounds like what you experienced is described in FAQ #2 at http://www.miklor.com/COM/UV_Drivers.php
This is a very common issue.

The driver does not follow the cable.  If the cable is moved to a  different COM port, Windows will now load the newest driver it
Windows will now load the newest driver it finds, not 
When this occurs, you will need to load Prolific driver to the new USB slot or plug the cable back into its original USB

Anyway, glad to hear you got it working


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On 06-Dec-14 09:15, Shon Edwards wrote:

This is a very good explanation and should work fine.  I usually just use the "official" cables myself and have no problem, so this
is another option in case things don't pan out.

I just went through this process for the first time myself, just last night. Both my radio and my programming cable came from
Banggood (China).

After a bit of struggling I got my systems communication smoothly. My configuration:

*         Laptop: Windows 8.1 

*         Radio Baofeng UV-82

I did try using the USB cable driver that came with Windows and it did not work. I downloaded the drivers from the Miklor site and
they also did not work. As a last resort I used the drivers from the mini-disc supplied with my cable. Again: No luck at all.

Then I realized that Windows was automatically updating the USB cable driver the instant I plugged in the cable. 

I discovered this by drilling down deep within Device Manager and looking at the Date/Version of the installed driver. As soon as
the cable was inserted (with or without radio connected), Windows upgraded the driver instantly (Fail).

The solution for me - and YMMV, of course - was to re-enter Device Manager and to click on the "Roll Back Driver" button, after
assuring the O/S that this was in fact my intention the driver reverted to the one that I had installed. Immediately thereafter
everything was golden and CHIRP worked perfectly.

I confess that it took me close to an hour to realize, diagnose, and correct the problem but I got mine working.

Thereafter I went back to the CHIRP Wiki page with the hope of being able to edit in my Windows 8 approach (since Win8 isn't
specifically mentioned there). Alas, although it is a Wiki page, I found no way to edit it - despite having

Instead, I post this here, hoping it will help someone. I can provide more detailed info, even a step-by-step procedure, if someone
with Write authority on the Wiki would publish it there.

Tom Maynard WZ9U

P.S. I am actually using the driver that came with my cable on the mini-disc.  I'm sure the download from Miklor would also work,
but once I had a working solution I opted not to experiment further.  (If it ain't broke, right?)

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