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Tom Maynard
Sat Dec 6 10:36:48 PST 2014

On 06-Dec-14 09:15, Shon Edwards wrote:

> This is a very good explanation and should work fine.  I usually just 
> use the "official" cables myself and have no problem, so this is 
> another option in case things don't pan out.

I just went through this process for the first time myself, just last 
night. Both my radio and my programming cable came from Banggood (China).

After a bit of struggling I got my systems communication smoothly. My 

  * Laptop: Windows 8.1
  * Radio Baofeng UV-82

I did try using the USB cable driver that came with Windows and it did 
not work. I downloaded the drivers from the Miklor site and they also 
did not work. As a last resort I used the drivers from the mini-disc 
supplied with my cable. Again: No luck at all.

Then I realized that Windows was automatically updating the USB cable 
driver the instant I plugged in the cable.

I discovered this by drilling down deep within Device Manager and 
looking at the Date/Version of the installed driver. As soon as the 
cable was inserted (with or without radio connected), Windows upgraded 
the driver instantly (Fail).

The solution for me — and YMMV, of course — was to re-enter Device 
Manager and to click on the “Roll Back Driver” button, after assuring 
the O/S that this was in fact my intention the driver reverted to the 
one that /I/ had installed. Immediately thereafter everything was golden 
and CHIRP worked perfectly.

I confess that it took me close to an hour to realize, diagnose, and 
correct the problem but I got mine working.

Thereafter I went back to the CHIRP Wiki page with the hope of being 
able to edit in my Windows 8 approach (since Win8 isn’t specifically 
mentioned there). Alas, although it is a Wiki page, I found no way to 
edit it — despite having registered/authenticated.

Instead, I post this here, hoping it will help someone. I can provide 
more detailed info, even a step-by-step procedure, if someone with Write 
authority on the Wiki would publish it there.

Tom Maynard WZ9U

P.S. I am actually using the driver that came with my cable on the 
mini-disc.  I'm sure the download from Miklor would also work, but once 
I had a working solution I opted not to experiment further.  (If it 
ain't broke, right?)

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