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Tom Maynard
Sat Dec 6 11:43:11 PST 2014

On 06-Dec-14 13:14, John LaMartina wrote:

> Yes, It sounds like what you experienced is described in FAQ #2 at 
> */_http://www.miklor.com/COM/UV_Drivers.php_/*
> This is a very common issue.
> The driver does not follow the cable.  If the cable is moved to a  
> different COM port, Windows will now load the newest driver it finds.
Well, yes of course I had studied the linked page(s) quite closely, and 
followed them precisely.

But I never said anything about ‘drivers following cables.’ In fact I 
only ever used a single USB port in all my attempts.

What I actually said was that ‘Windows updates the driver the instant 
the cable is plugged in.’ Regardless of port, the user needs to roll 
back the driver (backlevel it), overriding Windows auto-update, in order 
to make the process work.

> When this occurs, you will need to load Prolific driver to the 
> new USB slot
I disagree with you here, John. Plugging the cable into any slot /where 
you have not specifically rolled back the driver level/ will recreate 
the problem again. I know this for fact since it happened to me at least 
thrice last evening.  (I tried the Miklor download drivers and failed, 
and the supplied 'factory' drivers twice -- one failure at the instant 
of diagnosis, and one success.)

> Anyway, glad to hear you got it working

The Miklor information was ‘guidance’ but certainly not ‘directions’. 
With persistence, and a lifetime as a computer professional, I managed 
to figure it out in about an hour. A normal “computer layperson” might 
never arrive at that solution. I still firmly believe that the Wiki page 
should be updated — if only to include more current Windows 8/8.1 methods.

But, I’ll leave that to the admin. This particular “Wiki” isn’t “wik-able.”

73 de WZ9U

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