[chirp_users] Kenwood TH-K2

Sat Aug 23 05:07:26 PDT 2014

Hi All
            I have only been on this reflector for a month or so.
So if this was already discussed or is on the Chirp web site my apologizes.

If you have a Kenwood TH-K2 before you can program the radio using any 
including Chirp you need to go to menu item number 31 (PC) and change it 
to "On".

When you have finished programming your TH-K2 you will then need to go to
menu item 31 (PC) and turn it to "Off" otherwise your speaker mike will 
not function

I found this out today when I was unable to program the HT using a known 
good cable and
Slacko Puppy Linux for the os.

Searched all around the web and finally opened the radio manual which 
explained about
menu item 31

Hope this is of some help to some other TH-K2 owner.

Thank you for your time in reading this E-Mail.

Let us hope we never witness the "Silence Of The Hams"
73 DE John KB2SCS
            Packet:    KB2SCS at WA2PNU,#NLI.NY.USA.NOAM
            E-Mail:    kb2scs at arrl.net
            Web Page:  http://www.qsl.net/kb2scs

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