[chirp_users] New Daily Build

Build System
Wed Aug 27 00:09:52 PDT 2014


A new daily build of CHIRP is available.  This includes changes made
directly to the tree yesterday, and may include additional features,
bug fixes, and/or bugs.  If you are interested in trying it, grab it
from the following location:


A list of the changes included in this build (since the last daily)

Changes for Build #295
[Jim Unroe <rock.unroe at gmail.com>] [KG-UV6]Improve Support for the Powerwerx Wouxun KG-UV6X

Add "iswidex" to structures to accomodate the KG-UV6X's TX Bandwidth

Add "Mode TX(KG-UV6X)" to the mem.extra settings to allow editing each
memory's TX Bandwidth

Add a 4th setting, "N/A(KG-UV6X)", to the options for "ponmsg" to
prevent out-of-range values


[Marco Filippi <iz3gme.marco at gmail.com>] [locale] add a script to check parameters in translated strings

Translated strings must use the very same parameter that are in original strings
This script check parameters used ineach translation of each po file
It need polib

created fixing  #1835

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