[chirp_users] Programming separate receive and transmit PL

Sun Apr 27 06:30:12 PDT 2014


I just picked up a Baofeng GT-3 and downloaded Chirp to use with it.

I have a programming question on how to program separate receive and transmit PLs.

How would I program something with say a receive frequency of 150.0000 and a PL of 77.0 and a transmit frequency of say155.0000 and a PL of 118.8. 

Here are the settings I'm using:

Under frequency I placed the receive frequency of 150.0000. 

Tone mode is set to tone. 

Tone and tone SQL is the 77.0 receive PL.

DTCS code and Rx code is 023. 

Cross mode is tone > tone. 

Duplex is split. 

Offset is the transmit frequency of 155.0000. 

Mode is FM. Power is high.

How do I set that transmit PL of 118.8?

Thanks in advance.

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